Bad Boy Records CEO Diddy and T.I. look ready to show off their lyrical play calling ability by hopping on the remix to rapper French Montanta‘s current radio anthem, “Shot Caller.”

According to Montana, Atlanta’s DJ Drama is ultimately responsible for getting Tip to hop on the remix.

French tells that there is a new version of his street hit in the making that features himself, Diddy and T.I. “DJ Drama made that happen,” Montana explained about how he was able to get Tip on the remix. “[‘Shot Caller’ is] DJ Drama’ favorite record and I guess Tip was asking him what’s the hottest records to get on. DJ Drama was like when it comes to anything that deals with the East Coast, you gotta go through French Montana.” French doesn’t expect to drop the remix for a couple of months so he can let the original continue to pick up steam. It has grown from the mixtape circuit, to strip clubs and now it is getting spins on the radio, especially NY radio stations like Hot 97 and Power 105.1 where is has become a staple for the last few weeks. (XXL Mag)

After publicly hissing at Diddy over anti-Grey Goose remarks during a club celebration last week, Tip later came forward and denied feud rumors.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of embellishment going on online,” Tip explained in an interview. “First of all, me and Puff, we go way, way back. That’s like a brother to me. So whatever was said by me was said out of love. I made no attempt to belittle him or to check him. Puff’s a grown man, he do what he want to do. I just felt it was necessary for me to separate for myself from the situation that was going on, just so people knew that I wasn’t involved because of my personal circumstances. That’s the kind of activity that I can’t afford to engage in right now.” (“Wild Atlanta”)

Recently, DJ Drama spoke to SOHH about T.I. returning home after nearly a year behind bars.

“I mean, it’s really just back to work,” Drama told SOHH about having Tip back in the studio. “You know what I’m saying? Like, that’s what we do. So the homie had to take another little hiatus, but you know what I mean, we’re past that and getting right to it. It’s not like we’re sitting down and playing happy camper. This is what we do and it’s time to get back to work, making music for the people and giving them what they want to hear. My goal was to keep it hot while he was gone and now that he’s here, we’ve got bigger and better things to accomplish.” (SOHH)

Prior to his release, Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill promised to put Tip on his “I’ma Boss” remix.

“If I hold the ‘I’ma Boss’ remix long enough I might throw Tip on that, have him get out to the hottest song of the year,” Meek said in an interview. “He ain’t have no problem looking out for me and I don’t have no problem doing it for him.” In 2008, rumors sprung up that T.I. had signed Meek to his label Grand Hustle, but the co-sign never amounted to an ink stain. Although it’s unclear as to why the deal never materialized, Meek says he still salutes the Atlanta giant. “I talked to Tip even when I was with Maybach, he already know my mind frame because me and Tip ended up becoming good friends later on down the line just hanging out with each other.” (VIBE)

Check out behind the scenes footage of “Shot Caller” below: