Music mogul Diddy and Notorious B.I.G. reportedly had a crucial warning delivered to them weeks before Biggie Smalls’ unsolved March 1997 murder. Rap executive James Prince allegedly told both hip-hop stars to avoid Los Angeles in fear of a potential assassination.

According to reports, J Prince met up with Puff Daddy and B.I.G. on set of the “Hypnotize” video in February 1997 and gave them the heads up.

James had just been in L.A. with Scarface, one of his artists, and heard a lot of talk on the streets about a possible revenge hit. Remember, Tupac had been murdered about 6 months earlier, and there were widespread, but unsubstantiated, rumors that Puff and Biggie were involved — fueled by the west coast-east-coast feud. We’re told James urged them to take the threats seriously and consider leaving town — especially when he saw how relaxed security was on the set — but they seemed unfazed, and more focused on completing the video. (TMZ)

Prince has since hopped on Instagram and shared the story with his followers.


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Back in March, rap veteran Nas released a vintage Notorious B.I.G. pic.

Big Smalls

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The same week, B.I.G.’s protégé Lil’ Kim shared an epic clip of her mentor singing.