Music icon Diddy wants everybody fighting for equality – especially people of a lighter complexion. Following the growing Black Lives Matter movements in the wake of George Floyd‘s murder, Puff Daddy has taken to social media with some heavy-hearted content.

Diddy x White People

This week, the Bad Boy Records CEO posted a hilarious video on his Instagram of what he wants his white friends to do. In the footage, a woman is yelling on the street about inequality and privilege.

“This is how I want all my white friends to act everyday until this sh*t is REALLY made right!!!!!!” -Diddy’s Instagram

High-Key Details

West Coast rap legend Ice Cube also chimed in. The former N.W.A. group member dropped a comment below in agreement.

Wait, There’s More

Diddy recently relied on a little “The Boondocks” help to get the BLM message across to people once and for all. The hip-hop icon went online with an illustration putting to rest critics trying to make All Lives Matter seem more important than the Black Lives Matter push.

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Be clear ❤️

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Before You Go

The Bad Boy Records CEO is proving the push for equality impacts all races and ages. Earlier this month, the hip-hop icon went online with some must-see footage of a little girl marching and demanding justice.