Music mogul Diddy is speaking facts. The hip-hop mogul has come forward to let loose on the current state of the rap game, notably with publicized rap feuds going down as of late.

A new clip has surfaced of Diddy going on a “Puffy Rant” about his frustrations with hip-hop right now.

“I’m telling y’all today, I ain’t got the time, I ain’t got the time, I ain’t got the time. If it ain’t about going up, about being positive, about getting some money, and loving God … too much coonery and buffoonery going on. The culture is getting killed. I’m not even saying anything about it because I am just so burnt out. I will be saying something about it. I’m in amazement about what’s going on in the world. But hey, who am I? I am somebody. Even I get tired of this many. There’s too much cooning and buffooning and we’re all guilty of it but d*mn. I can’t believe this is what hip-hop’s become.”

Diddy also went on to tell the youth to take some time and study the origins of hip-hop.

“Netflix has this great documentary on hip-hop, the history of hip-hop. I think Steve Stoute did one – just go to YouTube, man, go to YouTube. … I’m staying off my social devices. There’s too much cooning and buffooning. … We’re gonna end it like this. Lord, please, lord, just bless us to understand the power that we have as cultural leaders out here to send out these positive vibes and energy.”

A few hours ago, Puff Daddy affiliate Meek Mill publicly challenged rap rival Drake to a $5 million boxing match.

“I’m out of shape,” Meek says in the video. “Yeah, we do need a trainer. They say they trying to see you shadow box to see if you can take on Soulja Boy. Nah, Chris Brown my man, you want to mess with Chris Brown? Yeah, I’d break Drizzy the f*ck up for five mil. Of course I would and we gonna let Nicki be the ring girl. [laughs] I know, I gotta work on my legs, they skinny as sh*t but you a n*gga, why you looking at my legs dog? Y’all would come see that fight, wouldn’t y’all? Y’all would spend a hundred dollars a ticket for that.”

This week, hip-hop manager Wack 100 talked about putting together an upcoming Chris Brown and Soulja Boy bout.

“We’re going to take the fight to Dubai. Mike Tyson’s definitely involved. I’ve had conversations through other people with Floyd. 50 Cent’s not leading for the fight. Floyd’s not leading for the fight. But if politics are right, we can talk business. At the end of the day, Floyd and 50 ain’t never going to control anything that’s a West Coast situation with no disrespect. Like, it would be hard for me to control something that’s New York-based and 50’s involved. So at the end of the day, the Dubai situation, that’s something I put together. I already have paperwork on one of the fighters already. Both them dudes, it’s Piru business right now. Unfortunately, Wack 100’s in business and in the position to do the same things they can do. Floyd’s a boxer. 50’s a rapper. But pay-per-view, location, the funding, the finance, the marketing, the promotion, all of that is between me managing Game and Ray J. Television is there. Pay-per-view is there. Everything is there. Mike Tyson’s directly involved. Everybody else is just talking and having fun with the situation. Hopefully they can start respecting the situation because we really ain’t playing with this over here. When I say we, I’m speaking for the West Coast as a whole. Not only as my Piru comrades, my Crip comrades and everybody else out here that’s involved – Floyd, no disrespect, is a guy from Michigan that lives in Vegas.” (TMZ Sports)