Rap veteran Diddy is giving Toronto icon Drake his flowers. During an Instagram Live stream together for a dance-a-thon aimed at helping health care workers, the Bad Boy Records CEO gave him the ultimate co-sign and let Drizzy know where he’s ranked all-time.

Big Facts

In the broadcast, Diddy gave Drake a huge salute. The hip-hop heavyweight credited Drizzy’s hits for making him a Top 5 contender.

“There’s something i wanted to say to you. Very, very, important. Um, I been a study of music, science, art, mathematics, for years. The actual numbers and codes that go into it, and so when they talk about the top five, all those cats got a special code. Two or three years ago I didn’t know. But it’s clear, the work you put in, you’re in my official top five. My official top five. Y’all heard it. Hits, hits hits.” -Diddy’s Instagram

High-Key Details

During his broadcast, the rap veteran brought in Grammy-winning rapper Lizzo, who tried to get some booty-shaking in. However, Diddy let her know it was a family-friendly event.

“Hold on. Woah, woah, woah, woah, hold on. Stop the music. It’s Easter Sunday, let’s play something a little family friendly.” -Diddy’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

Hollywood superstar Jennifer “J. Lo” Lopez made an appearance on the stream as well, dancing with ex-boyfriend Puff. New man and now-husband Alex Rodriguez was alongside her.

“Diddy and Jennifer Lopez reunite for dance-a-thon on Instagram Live 💃😂‬” -SOHH’s Instagram

Before You Go

Of course, the internet erupted with plenty of jokes about the two reuniting.