Bad Boy Records CEO Diddy isn’t letting a little surgery hold him down. The hip-hop mogul has announced plans to find the next biggest R&B group from a hospital surgery room.

Big Facts: This week, Puff Daddy went to Instagram with footage of himself gearing up to go under the knife and shared his intent on finding new musical greatness.

“Check this out, before I go on I made a very, very important decision for ‘Making Da Band.’ The show is coming back. We have our first auditions in Atlanta next weekend. Okay? I’m going to be watching and judging from my bed – I’m sending my Combs Cartel down there and for clarity, I’m looking for singers. Singers. It’s time we bring R&B back. Male and female singers. Any race, creed, color, sexuality but you have to be able to sing, you have to be able to dance. I’m looking for future superstars so all the next generation of superstars I want to be clear, I’m looking for some R&B, pop singers so we can make the biggest band in the world. Think N’Sync, 112, Destiny’s Child, Fifth Harmony, The Supremes, The Temptations – so if you can sing, make sure you send us your auditions socially or in North Carolina, my man DaBaby is going to be a judge in that. Houston. Alright? See y’all soon. Peace.”

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High-Key Details: Diddy also went to his Instagram Story account to reveal details behind his hospital visit.

“I just found out yesterday, they squeezed me in for today – pray for ya boy, I’m gonna see you all next time and make it up y’all. … I’m clumsy. I trip. I fall. I fall in holes. … It’s always been like that. This is my fourth surgery in two years. I’ve had two rotator cuffs, a knee replacement, and now it’s on quad. … At the end of the day, this is God’s work to slow me down – take better care of body and eat right — and just stop treating my body like a machine. This is unbelievable. I did it to myself by accident.”

Wait, There’s More: In December 2017, Puff Daddy underwent a third knee surgery and said it would be his last.

Before You Go: Puff’s family made sure to pull through in 2017 to show their support for his recovery.