Bad Boy Records CEO Diddy is all about black excellence and lyrical slaughter. Puff Daddy has saluted Royce Da 5’9‘s must-see Hot 97 freestyle.

Puffy went to Instagram Thursday (March 8) to shout-out Nickel on his insane bars.

Detroit native Big Sean has also shared his strong Royce co-sign.

This week, Royce blew minds away with his hard-hitting Hot 97 freestyle.

Last week, Big Sean dished on the importance of bringing a movie theater to Detroit.

There Literally is NOT ONE MOVIE THEATRE IN THE CITY OF DETROIT THAT PLAYS NEW MOVIES, ONLY IN THE SUBURBS!!! Yesterday we took 1,000 kids from a Detroit Public Schools and took them to see Black Panther as a field trip. I think it’s important they see super heroes of all shades and that look like most of them, and support it. I also took that time yesterday to announce I will be opening my own Movie Theatre in the City of Detroit (The Sean Anderson theatre by Emagine @emaginetheatres) because I wanted to show the city and Detroit Public Schools that a kid from DPS that’s the same color as most of them can be a owner and a CEO too and open big business in uncharted territory! This is huge for my city! I wanted to show them face to face that I am opening a theatre just like the one they are sitting in, so they can see Black people being strong and independent and powerful, on and off the screen. I wanted to truly explain how important this is, because the Press releases n sites weren’t understanding the importance of this theatre! THERE CURRENTLY IS NO MOVIE THEATRE IN THE DETROIT THAT PLAYS CURRENT MOVIES. Its overdue for change! MAJOR BOSS UP!

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