Bad Boy Records CEO Diddy respects Drake for staying mum in the Pusha-T rap battle but admits his silence has cost him the ultimate price – an L.

In a new “The Breakfast Club” interview, Puff Daddy acknowledged Drizzy going radio silent to Pusha’s “The Story of Adidon” has him the rap battle.

“I think you gotta listen to your OGs because it ain’t worth it. But as far as in a battle, if he didn’t respond, he took the L. I said he took the L because he didn’t respond and I said he should have listened, he should listen to J. Prince because I was in that same position with ‘Hit ‘Em Up.’ I told Big not to respond. So I can understand. What Big had written for them, it was going to get as bad as it got. It’s an L because we know there’s guidelines and rules. You have 48 hours to respond. Pusha-T almost took an L but it was Memorial Day Weekend and he came back on Tuesday.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

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In a separate interview, Diddy compared Pusha’s potential career-ending record to late rap icon 2Pac’s “Hit ‘Em Up.”

“They asked me a question today about Drake not responding and I had to tell them I respected it. Like when we had got hit with ‘Hit ‘Em Up,’ I had to make the call to Biggie and said, ‘We not gonna respond. Somebody’s gonna get hurt if we respond.’ I don’t know what’s gonna happen with it but you know I could understand that perspective because 2Pac hit us with ‘Hit ‘Em Up’ and that joint was cold. I was listening to that and we were actually like, throwing people’s turntables. A deejay would play, we would just end the party and we would take your turntables if you played ‘Hit ‘Em Up.’ You know what I’m saying? That’s how cold [it was]. That thing hurt to this day. And then when JAY-Z, I know JAY-Z and Nas, they’re friends but that still, if you hear ‘Ether’ coming out the joint, I still feel a way. I never felt a way about ‘Hit ‘Em Up,’ I never felt a way with it because I really laughed at it the way I was portrayed in the video. I saw the fun in it but you know, I’m not gonna play it at my birthday party.” (Real 92.3)

This week, a pic surfaced of Drake coming out to attend a private birthday celebration.

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In a new Q&A, Rap-A-Lot Records boss J Prince revealed Drake’s shelved Pusha-T diss record would have destroyed Kanye West‘s career.

The Rap-A-Lot Records CEO tells us Drake was, in fact, ready to respond to Pusha’s “The Story of Adidon” before J Prince stepped in and told him to stand down. According to Prince, what Drake had “cocked and loaded” would’ve “ended” Kanye, and caused a lot of pain. He insists they’re not in the business of destroying families … which is why he told Drizzy to stand down. (TMZ)