[SOHH highlights a hot record every week and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the smash in Singled Out. After manager Biggs broke down late rapper Chinx’s “Far Rockaway” anthem, Detroit’s JP One decodes his Elzhi-assisted “Judas” banger.]

I had did the song with Black Milk and he was actually one of the first features on the album but I had actually did the song with Black Milk.

Elzhi’s people were kind of giving me a hard time so I reached out, Detroit’s only so big, to an engineer here called White Mike and he hooked it up for me.

It was basically the same kind of thing. He sent me that beat because I knew I wanted him on that. I sent him that beat and he hit me up and was like, “I like this but I listened to a few more beats.” So I sent him a few more songs that I felt would go on the album but he was like, “I’ll just rock with the first one.”

I knew, just like Boldy James was on the first album, I knew this was it. I told Boldy I knew what beat I wanted him on.

Being a fan of music, I knew what he would sound good on. I knew what Elzhi would sound good on. I sent him this beat with no lyrics and it would be the same thing only because I didn’t want to send him a hook and box him in where he’s like, “I don’t like the beat, I don’t like the hook,” so I just sent him a good production and said, “Do your thing and I’m going to build around it.”

That’s how that worked. We pulled the samples together and all Elzhi did was his verse, I put the “Judas” idea together and ran with that.

I was like, “This is what it sounds like he’s talking about,” and then I put it together.

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