Canadian rappers Drake and Tory Lanez relied on a phone call to make things right between them. New reports have surfaced on how they managed to broker a truce following a long feud.

According to reports, Drizzy and Tory’s entourages ultimately brought them together.

Sources connected to the rappers tell TMZ … Drizzy and Tory ended their years-long beef after mutual friends got in their ears about the pettiness. We’re told the phone call was placed by one of Tory’s pals to one of Drake’s — the intermediaries then put both rappers on the horn. That ultimately led to the NYC meeting where they took the peace summit Instagram shot. (TMZ)

A few days ago, Drake confirmed their feud had faded to black.

Hours prior, Tory shocked social media with the unexpected shots.


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Recently, Drake playfully acknowledged some Tory Lanez-inspired trolling.

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