Desiigner Performs “Panda” In Full-Blown Chinese [Video]

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G.O.O.D. Music’s Desiigner is going to keep the “Panda” movement moving well into the summer with his new Chinese tribute performance to the Asian animal.

The new performance visual shows Desiigner rapping with Chinese captions and endless animated images.

Desiigner releases a zany, Chinese sing-a-long performance video for his Billboard #1 hit single, “Panda.” Complete with a bouncing bear and plenty of dabbing, the visual is Desiigner’s homage to the endangered species’ native tongue. “Panda” is undoubtedly one of the biggest singles of 2016 worldwide and it has mounted the Brooklyn rapper into a cultural icon.

Earlier this month, the New York rapper revealed the best advice mentor Kanye West gave him.

“The best piece of advice that I’ve got from Kanye so far is that we’re not just rappers, we’re artists. I really took that and embraced that because that’s the type of mindset I had coming into the game and that’s the type of mindset I had when I wasn’t on. When I heard somebody with that type of mindset, that has the same type of mindset as me, it’s like, this team is going to kill. We’re definitely going to kill and deliver a lot.” (Complex)

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Desiigner celebrated his “Panda” single reaching platinum status last week.
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Recently, producer Mike Dean talked about working on the rap star’s upcoming debut.

“I’m executive producing Desiigner’s album,” Dean revealed in an interview. “He’s a lot more of an artist than you think he is. He’s not just some Future knockoff. He talks like that — he sounds like he’s got Auto-Tune on his voice in real life. He talks like Future raps, which is weird. … I don’t know where he got his music influence. Just like that old sh*t that I had, the sh*t with A$AP Rocky and Yams and all that shit. Like Yams said they grew up on that music on the Internet. Me and Plain Pat were talking about Desiigner. To older people, listening to music is like soul music or old rock music. To Desiigner though [what’s out now] is all the music he knows.” (Billboard)

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