Hollywood actor Denzel Washington recently engaged in an open Q&A with fans and revealed some of his favorite hip-hop artists.

Washington admitted music greats Nas, Jay Z and Eminem are atop his fave rap lists.

A lot of the marketing for The Equalizer has focused around the new Eminem song, “Guts Over Fear”. Are you and Eminem fan yourself and if so, what is your favorite song of his? Denzel Washington: Eminem, yes, and I like Nas, and Jay-Z. Eminem and NAS are real wordsmiths. So yes, I’m DEFINITELY an Eminem fan. Where’s he been? Where you been Eminem? (Reddit)

Eminem teased fans about his connection to Denzel earlier this summer…

Eminem revealed a new track from Washington’s upcoming The Equalizer movie back in June.

Eminem took to Twitter today (June 12) to preview a collaboration with singer-songwriter, Sia. He tweeted the trailer to the movie, “The Equalizer,” starring Denzel Washington and Chloe Grace Moretz. The almost three-minutes trailer previews a new song by Eminem. The song features Sia singing the hook: “Afraid I’ll never find a way out, so here I am and I will not run… Guts over fear.” Eminem comes in closer to the end of the trailer with: “It’s too late to start over.” (Billboard)

Shady posted a movie poster of the upcoming The Equalizer on June 10.

“From The Director of Training Day and Olympus Has Fallen, Denzel Washington, The Equalizer, In Theaters September,” the poster reads and captioned with “More Thursday. #Equalizer,” by Eminem. (Eminem’s Instagram)

In May, Em and director Spike Lee released their “Headlights” music video.

Directed by Spike Lee, who hasn’t shot a music video since Michael Jackson‘s “This Is It” in 2009, the majority of the clip is shot from the first-person perspective of Eminem’s mother, interspersed with video clips and photo album pictures from Eminem’s youth. The video climaxes with the rapper and his mother meeting on his driveway for a heartwarming embrace. (Huffington Post)