Detroit rapper Dej Loaf‘s alleged ex-girlfriend Angeleah Speights aka Aye Redd has come forward to speak out on her past romance with the hip-hop artist and weighed-in on her rumored romance with Chicago’s Lil Durk.

Redd addressed gossip saying she fired off at Dej with an Instagram post this week.

“If I want to say something to Dej I can say it to her face because I have access to her. I don’t have to go through Instagram and she hates that type of isht anyway so I wouldn’t do that, knowing she was going to get mad, but I didn’t think she would take it like that until next thing I know I’m on a blog site. We don’t follow each other on Instagram, just Snapchat. She called me and she was like ‘See this is what I’m talking about, everything is all over the place. Congratulations.’ When you’re the one that posted something?” (Bossip)

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Redd also shared her take on Dej’s rumored romantic relationship with Chi-Town rapper Lil Durk.

“They’re not together they’re not a couple,” Speights told BOSSIP when asked about Dej’s relationship with Durk. “They don’t f**k around at all. I think they’re trying to make it seem like they’re together. I don’t know what it is but it’s fake.” (Bossip)

Rumors of Loaf and Redd feuding bubbled across social media this week.