OVO Sound leader Drake’s old television show “Degrassi” has publicly acknowledged his new Views album release on social media this week.

The program’s Twitter page playfully created its own Views cover art with a “Degrassi” scene featuring Drake’s on-screen character Jimmy Brooks.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 8.42.00 AM

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The rap star revealed his new album’s full production credits on Instagram this week.

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Drake also penned a personal thank-you note to longtime producer Noah “40” Shebib Thursday (April 28).

Before we do this I just wanna say thanks man. Thank you for the years you spent working with some of Toronto's true legends honing your craft. Thanks you for dropping everything to work with me after we met and realized we had something special. Thank you for pushing yourself despite the fact you should be resting to achieve an end goal that we are both obsessed with. Thank you for listening to me vent and talking me off ledges. Thank you for talking me out of sending every good song I make to someone else 😂. Thank you for reminding me that we set out to do something more than just have the biggest song in the club or the biggest song of the month. Thank you for building SOTA. Thank you for caring about the people in this city as much as I do. Thank you for a lifetime of hard work and surreal moments. This story would have gone a lot different without you. Thank you 40 (aka DB40 aka Cuarenta aka Bibber aka My brother). Text me when you are ready to start the next one 😂😂😂 @ovo40

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The rap superstar extended his upcoming Summer Sixteen tour and announced the additional dates on Instagram Friday (April 29).

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