G.O.O.D. Music’s Common has decided to fade to black and let some of Chicago’s most-buzzing rappers shine on the cover art of his upcoming Nobody’s Smiling album. #NobodysSmiling

According to Common, his label approached him about putting various local artists on the new LP artwork.

“The concept came from the staff at Def Jam who were like, ‘We got this idea about having different people on your covers. Different people from Chicago. As soon as I heard that I was like, ‘I’m with it.’ I saw a layout of what it should be and it was us against a black background – you got Lil Herb up against the background, you got King Louie up against the background.” (Think Common)

Chicago rapper Dreezy also confirmed her involvement with the artwork campaign.

“I found out I was on the cover through Common,” female rapper Dreezy said in a promotional clip for the project. “He told me he wanted me to be at the photo shoot and here I am doing a photo shoot for Common. It means a lot to me beacuse Common was like and still a legend and it just makes me feel like I’m tne new face of hip-hop.” (Think Common)

Common’s new Nobody’s Smiling album will arrive later this month.

Two-time Grammy Award®-winning Chicago rapper, actor Common has fulfilled a life-long goal with the announcement of his signing to No I.D.’s Artium /Def Jam Recordings. “Kingdom” featuring Vince Staples out now, Common’s lead track from his upcoming tenth studio album NOBODY’S SMILING, set for July 22nd release. (PR Newswire)

The G.O.O.D. Music rapper announced he would put together a new album last January.

“2014 will one of my greatest times in music,” the prolific wordsmith promised during a sit-down with REVOLT before a recent show at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. Why is he feeling this way? Well, Common is actually prepping the arrival of his 10th studio album, Nobody Smiling–a title that stays true to enriching his troubled hometown of Chicago. “I feel excited about the project that I’m working on. It’s called Nobody Smiling and it’s an album that originally I was making an EP but, we’ve just been making a lot of songs-myself and No I.D.–and I liked the direction,” he admits. (Revolt TV)


Check out Common discussing the artwork: