Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons has come forward to offer his take on the perceived feud between Drake and Chris Brown, claiming he has the ability to try and unite both sides

Simmons credits his status in the rap industry for serving as a basis to reach various hip-hop artists currently feuding.

“Hip-hop and violence should not go hand-in-hand just as violence and the black community should not go hand-in-hand. Sadly, violence in the black community happens every day. The situation that occurred last night between Chris Brown and Drake should not have happened, but as a yogi and a supporter of non-violence, I can call the two young men and encourage them to bury their beef. It is a luxury we have as men with resources…we can settle our problems without taking it to the next level. Unfortunately, I cannot do that for every kid in America. I’ve saved a lot of rappers. I’ve been in the middle of a lot of hip-hop beefs. But, unfortunately I cannot get in the middle of every beef between young black men.” (Global Grind)

Rather than a quick fix, Simmons hopes people take a moment and realize the basis of their anger-filled actions.

“We can focus on ending the beef between Drake and Chris Brown, which is important, because none of us want this to escalate. However, let us also take a moment to reflect upon why we have become so violent. Why did 53 people get shot in Chicago? Why did J. Futuristic get shot six times in Atlanta? Why did Lil Phat get killed after getting shot 20 times? This violence has become the norm for our people, and it absolutely devastates me. We have failed at giving real job and educational opportunities for those living in struggle, and thus the streets have take control of their lives. I fight every single day to bury beefs, and I will call Drake and Chris to bury theirs.” (Global Grind)

Not alone in wanting to see the alleged feud come to an end, West Coast rapper Game recently vouched for both artists calling a truce.

The Game knows a thing or two about celebrity feuds … and last night, the rapper had some advice for Chris Brown and Drake — squash that beef, ASAP. Game was leaving Roxbury nightclub in Hollywood when we asked about the bottle-throwing brawl in NYC. “Chris Brown is like my little brother, man … and Drake is a cool dude … they just need to cut that out. It ain’t worth it.” Game should know … he famously feuded with 50 Cent and G-Unit for years. But the rapper says he’s not in any hurry to help broker a peace treaty between his two friends — telling us, “I’m gonna stay out of their beef … it’s for the birds.” (TMZ)

Reports claim Drake may have ignited Wednesday night’s fight after flashing his middle finger at Brown.

It looks like last night’s wild fight between Chris Brown and Drake was, in fact, about the former’s ex and the latter’s rumored hookup, Rihanna. Imagine that. Sources also indicate that while Drake’s telling the truth when he says he wasn’t involved physically in the epic melee that ensued, he definitely stirred the pot. Drake gave Brown the middle finger, engaged in some serious trash talk, and recruited several other rappers to join his posse before the brawl, witnesses say. (The Hollywood Gossip)

Check out the club scene footage below: