Def Jam CEO Steve Bartels has delivered some major updates. The music executive has delivered some details on how the label’s fully behind Kanye West‘s long-awaited The Life Of Pablo album.

While unsure if Ye’s really working in Wyoming on new tunes, Bartels did confirm the rap star is in music-making mode.

“[Kanye working somewhere in Utah?] I don’t know if that’s real or not, I read the same things you do. When we talk we don’t really get down to the granular of where he’s going and how he’s flying there, we keep it much more on a broader level. Kanye is working, that’s been widely reported. He’s always very focused, and our relationship with him is that we always have great respect for him and when he’s ready to do something or talk about something, we’re there for him, we totally support his vision and his focus, and that’s where we leave it. I check in with him from time to time just to see how he’s doing. What’s great about our relationship is that I always know when it’s go time — because he wakes me up. [Laughter]” (Variety)

A few days ago, previously unreleased Kanye music leaked across the Internet.

The first sample, titled “Can U Be,” was initially teased on Instagram by Kanye last year and clocks in at less than a minute. The second track, “Hold Tight,” features Young Thug and Migos with ‘Ye providing a heavily autotuned chorus hook. The final cut, “Euro Switch Hands,” sees A$AP Rocky spit some bars over a dark and jazzy groove that wouldn’t sound out of place on 2013’s Yeezus album. (Highsnobiety)

Recent reports revealed G.O.O.D. Music president Pusha T had visited Kanye multiple times in Wyoming.

“Pusha T has been visiting. He inspires Kanye to write. Kanye’s trying to find his creative voice again, and he has people there to help him get, and stay, on track. He’s still a little off and is trying to get himself back,” the source said. Another source close to West told us the rapper’s stint in the mountains is not unusual. “He likes to work in remote places and be in the middle of nowhere as much as he can be,” said the insider. (Page Six)

Recently, veteran rapper Common gave his take on Kanye going to Wyoming for creative purposes.

“I love it, man. I love the look. Man look, for me, whatever an artist needs to do to create their best thing, then that’s what they need to do. Luckily, he’s got an incredible family so they probably understand. They understand he’s an artist. That’s why when you build a family, they need to know – you’re still gonna tend to your family. People don’t know how exactly much time he spends with his family but he’s a smart man, he’s gonna go do his thing and of course he’s always there for his family. So, it’s dope, man. I’m geeked that he’s doing an album. I would go wherever.” (TMZ)