Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s here finally on digital HD, the sequel to the first one, Deadpool 2. Yeah, seriously if you look up the synopsis on iTunes, it pretty much says the sequel to the first one. If you enjoyed the first one, this one is definitely a must own. Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool.

There is no one else who was made for a character more than Reynolds and Wade f**kin Wilson. With the introduction of his misfits the X-Force, Deadpool needs some help taking on time traveler Cable. But, before I give the whole movie away, let’s get into those 5 reasons why you need to get out and cop Deadpool 2. LET’S GO!

Reason 1: Dopinger’s Dating Profile

Man, if you want a good laugh, check out this feature in the extras. Dopinger is Deadpool’s ‘partner’ as he says it, but he’s just his driver. He’s a damn good driver at that, but he’s more the comedy sidekick. Ladies, if you’re looking for someone who is ‘dangerous’ look no further than Dopinger. Just trying to put the homie on is all. When you see it, you’ll notice it takes place during a critical portion of the movie. It’s hilarious, just trust me on this one.

[There’s an extreme level of awesomeness here…]

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