Iconic rap group De La Soul and Tommy Boy couldn’t make things right. The rap trio have announced failed negotiations with the legendary record company to secure rights and royalties to their digital content.

On Thursday, a message posted to De La Soul’s Instagram page delivered the crushing news.

Back in May, New York rapper Nas went to Instagram to show support for De La Soul and remind fans he supported their Tommy Boy ban.

During a recent “State of the Culture” broadcast, rap veteran Joe Budden kept it 100 on the De La/Tommy Boy drama.

“I’m teary because that’s just depressing to hear, but they sell us depression,” Joe began. “When you think of the stories being the same for this amount of years. Like when you look at De La telling you their battles from 30 years ago.” (“State of the Culture”)

Days prior, De La Soul came forward to address getting its revenue jacked from Tommy Boy.