West Coast rap veteran Daz Dillinger is big mad. The hip-hop artist has unleashed some serious steam on two suspects connected to Nipsey Hussle‘s fatal shooting.

Dillinger went to Instagram Tuesday with emotional posts aimed at a man and woman with alleged connections to Hussle’s attack.

A few hours ago, Los Angeles law enforcement revealed the identity of a man connected to Hussle’s murder.

Yesterday, social media narrowed in on Hussle’s alleged suspect shooter.

On Monday, a video emerged giving people a more clear, graphic view of the alleged Hussle shooter.

A longer version of the surveillance video shows the shooter — the man in the dark shirt — opening fire 3 separate times on Nipsey Hussle. He shoots Nipsey once … starts walking away … then comes back a second time and shoots again, and then a third time. After the third time, he kicks Nipsey and flees back toward the alley … where we initially saw him enter the video. Multiple sources tell us before the shooter unloaded, he had a tense convo with Nipsey. We’re told Nipsey asked him if he had snitched to cops in the past because that was the word on the street. We’re told the suspect felt disrespected, left to get a gun … then returned to get revenge. (TMZ)