Canadian hip-hop artist Dax isn’t letting a little Tory Lanez pull-up keep him down. The hip-hop newcomer has stepped forward to speak on his grind and state of mind.

Last night, Dax went to Instagram to introduce fans to his come-up over the past 12 months and his dedication to the music biz.

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My names Dax. A year ago I was an overnight janitor finishing up college. I moved to LA the day after I took this video. During the 33 hour drive from Wichita, Kansas I thought about how I wanted to be perceived by the public as an artist. Yesterday, Dax from a year ago would of been proud. I hope to inspire not only artists but men around the world to make smart decisions not only for yourself but for your family. I hope to inspire people around the world to remain true to who you are and not conform because of this thing we call social media. I hope to spark a generation of dream chasers. I am proud to step up to the frontlines for those who don’t have a voice and add meaning to a generation searching for it. I am exactly who I want to be and that’s why I love this. Lets continue to change the game. What we’re doing has never been done before. #legendary

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Yesterday, Dax fans trashed Tory Lanez’s Instagram comments section for pulling up on him over the weekend.

Hours prior, footage surfaced of Tory pulling up on Dax and forcing him to apologize for dissing him.

Heading into the weekend, Dax shocked fans by dropping his unexpected battle anthem.