ROUND ONE: Today’s battle gets dirty as Diddy’s girls Dawn (Twitter/ Bio) and Kalenna (Twitter/ Bio) toss the bossman aside for some girl-on-girl action. Whose list gets the props? You decide!


Busta Rhymes is one of my favorites. I love his flow. His swag was always different. Whenever he came out with his videos, you could always feel his flow. He made me excited to hear him every time. You knew his signature, you knew his sound. His flow was crazy. I felt like I needed to go run some where. His energy was really massive.

I gotta start it off with A Tribe Called Quest. They were so ill and different. The fact that they had that video with them performing on top of the roof (“Check The Rhime”), it was crazy for me. I thought they were wildin’ back then. It was on some back in the day, hopping off the school bus with the loud speakers playing.

Next I would go with Mos Def. He’s a poet. Rap was not really my biggest thing growing up. I loved it but it wasn’t [my] passion. But when it came to certain people, like with Mos Def, I wanted to hear his lyrical content. He was exciting to me. His flow was beautiful because he could do it wherever. I felt like he [stood] at a podium when he rapped. I loved his words.

I have to name Big L. Big L was one of my dudes. I definitely wasn’t in his era. I was a very, very small child back then but at the same time, he birthed the Jay-Z’s, and the Biggie’s and all of them. Big L’s swag was crazy.

I can say Common would be next. I like Common for the same reasons I like Mos Def, but Common was a little more commercial. I always loved the way he made rap beautiful. It was always a conversation instead of trying to force something. That’s what I loved about him.

Boogie Down Productions is one of my favorites right now. I have that on my iPad. Boogie Down Productions was so ill to me. It’s crazy because I loved everyone in there, all of those home boys.

Now I’m going to go with the chicks. I love MC Lyte. The reason why I love MC Lyte is because her voice was so on point. I loved how she sounded on beats and she was someone that I didn’t care what anybody said, I loved her. I loved hearing a strong voice on records. I had to represent for the women.

Then I have to go with N.W.A. N.W.A., they represented. Simply said. They were rebels for their time. I always loved that about them. They represented for [what was going on] in the 1990’s.

People are going to rival with me on this one but I grew up on him. I love B.G. And the reason why I love B.G. is because when we were growing up, in New Orleans, he had a swag that was so disrespectful. I love Lil Wayne, he’s always going to be one of my favorites, but B.G. had this swag. When we were home out where we were, we loved him. Growing up, nobody was really talking about Lil Wayne at the time, they were talking about Cash Money. They were talking about the 504 Boys. His swag and tone, it was all disrespectful. He’s one of the ones I still love.

And if I had to represent for a female, I would have to say Missy Elliott. Whenever I listened to her music, it made me feel like a pimp. When I put on her music, she made me feel like I could do anything, no matter what. It wasn’t about what she looked like. It was just her swag on the record and the vision she was bringing. Her music was always good and plus she was writing for other people. She was always a business person.