Dave East’s Ex To Rob Kardashian: “F*ck Her I’ll Be Your Second Baby Moms”

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New York rapper Dave East‘s ex-girlfriend Millie Colon is tuned into the Rob Kardashian/Blac Chyna drama. The curvy celebrity has offered some playful words to Rob.

A screenshot has surfaced of Millie offering to help Rob with his relationship goals.

Millie also went to Instagram to downplay her dicey words and dead romance rumors.

Early Wednesday afternoon, Rob K lit up social media and channeled his inner Beyoncé with some Lemonade-inspired posts.

Some reports claim Chyna allegedly dating a rapper named Ferrari ultimately sparked Rob’s outbursts.

Our Ferrari sources say he’s been open about his fling with Chyna, so it sounds like Rob isn’t dreaming this up. What’s more … Ferrari says he’s been hooking up with Chyna for several months, which overlaps with the time she reconciled with Rob. We’re told the trigger for the war is all over Chyna and Ferrari. Rob is now going wild, threatening Chyna that he’ll block her from even seeing their child … allegedly because she’s doing drugs. (TMZ)

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Written by SOHH Squad

One Comment

  1. Dave raising his daughter judging by his remarks girl you ain’t playing. Embarassing your child like that

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