[After heading to Atlanta to piece together his new Too Talented To Be Bullsh*ttin’ mixtape plus working with DJ Scream and Zaytoven, Houston native Dat Boy a.k.a. El Chyco tells SOHH why the A’s rap scene is flourishing.]

From my experiences, I believe it is the sheer amount of rap stars that Atlanta has currently that creates a hip-hop economy.

When you have the Migos, when you have Future, when you have 2 Chainz and they’re all from the same city? Then you have their crews and fans? 2 Chainz has Cap-1, Migos has Rich The Kid, Future has DJ Esco, it just continues to branch off and branch off.

So opening up a studio in a town in Alabama might not make any money but opening a studio in Atlanta might make you more money. Or being a producer in a town in Texas might not make me money but in Atlanta it will.

It is simply the sheer amount of artists. There is a work environment there. There is an industry there. It’s just like New York has. It’s just like Los Angeles has. That’s the difference.

You have a small city with a large amount of successful artists. It creates a hip-hop economy.

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