[With his new Too Talented To Be Bullsh*ttin’ mixtape finally available, Dat Boy a.k.a. El Chyco talks to SOHH about recently getting fellow Houston native Trill Sammy his stolen chain back.]

I’m very connected. I really am from the streets.

When it comes to the Trill Sammy thing, I got his chain back not only because I had the power to get it back because I once was him.

You have to realize I did my first deal with Asylum/Warner Bros. and I was his same exact age and so what if that was me? I didn’t see another single person from his city try to get his chain back.

They have the same abilities that I do. I did it because nobody else would. I didn’t see another single person other than Soulja Boy try to say he’d pay a whole bunch of money to get it back.

It’s like me seeing somebody pushing an old lady on the street. There’s no reason for me to stop then but I’m going to stop them because it needs to be done.

I got Trill Sammy’s chain back because it needed to be done.

For the record, I want to sign him. I’m trying to let him know I want to sign him. Come f*ck with me.

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