[With mounted anticipation and a steady grind in the New York rap scene, hip-hop newcomer Danny Matos exclusively talks to SOHH about his new “The Hangar” EP and his experience working with producer Rusty Mack on the release.]

For “The Hangar” EP, I had actually recorded a bunch of songs a year prior off YouTube beats and I kind of wanted to find a producer that I could grow organically with and create things from scratch.

I didn’t just want to rip off beats from YouTube and do that kind of stuff.

I had reached out through Craigslist and it was just being at the right place at the right time. I got a hold of [producer] Rusty Mack and he wasn’t the first or only person I met, but we vibed and connected.

I started going to him and we began making music. We made a ton of songs and then at one point we were like, “We gotta stop and reassess,” because we were making music and seven or eight months went by.

We stopped, reassessed and I went back to look at all of the songs. I looked at all of the songs I had and had an idea of the type of concept I wanted. Some of my songs are very specific, topic-wise, and conceptually, and I did not want to hit people all at once with that. I wanted to be as general but as vulnerable as possible so they could get general highlights about how I feel about certain things and then as time progresses, I’ll get into more detailed versions of that generality.

We created the hangar concept as a starting point and we have a few potential titles to sort of allude to what happens when the plane is in the hangar.

It was me sort of saying this is what I have to say as an introduction.
The thing I loved about putting “The Hangar” together is the fact I put these songs together at home and recorded to them. Me and [producer] Rusty Mack just made beats.

I was there from the beginning of the drums to everything about the beat.

On all of the songs we do, I am there from the time the songs are mixed and we send them to get mastered. I was right there with each other in the studio.

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