[SOHH highlights a hot record every week and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the smash in Singled Out. After New Orleans native Dee Day dissected his "Lose Control” banger, New York rap newcomer Danny Matos breaks down his chilled "F*ck My Head Up” anthem.]

I really love “F*ck My Head Up” because it was in the summertime and I was home one night and there was no intention to write that song.

I was literally in my apartment and I started with the first four bars and after that, I started saying, “You f*ck my head up.” I just started singing it and singing it. It became so natural and everything about the song I like.

There’s a little bit of singing in it, there’s some straight bars and then I switch the flow in the second verse. I love the structure of the song.


I love the instrumental.

That song was the most organic in the sense it wasn’t meant to be written. It sort of wrote itself. It literally came to me.

It was important to have this on “The Hangar” EP because I wanted to show people I could write those kinds of songs and very well. I think at the end of the day, those kinds of songs are important.

I believe in lyricism and bars but I also believe in having that kind of stuff. Not only are relationships universal but the song is a true story. I was in the moment and what I was going through. How could I not put it in there?

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