[SOHH highlights a hot record every week and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the smash in Singled Out. After Turk broke down his Lil Wayne-assisted “You Mad” remix, Baltimore’s Damond Blue dissects his Bun B-featured “Don’t Bother Me” banger.]

First and foremost, big shout-out to my producer Ghost. He’s the illest. He put the track together and I was actually in Miami and I recorded that in a hotel room.

We did a few records right on the spot in the hotel and that’s why I have one of the dopest engineers in the world. All in all, he did the beat and we heard Bun B on it. I knew that I wanted to do something with Bun B.

He gives it that stamp [of approval]. You’re not going to give him something that doesn’t match his swag or that his culture won’t understand.


So I wanted to bring both of those worlds together because Baltimore has a sense of that with how they sway, they focus a lot on their cars. There’s a lot of car clubs out here. Baltimore has the same thing.

Bun B made the verse, shouted me out on there and the rest is history. We chopped the song up awhile ago, but wanted to save it for the [“Blessonz”] project. I didn’t want to announce it or really talk about it too much.

I wanted to continue to make this a project that people could fall in love with and that’s basically it.

I know people love Bun B. He’s a classic. He’s an OG. I’m just setting up patterns for myself.

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