Music mogul Damon “Dame” Dash is reportedly branching outside of the record industry by taking on Hollywood with a slew of new films.

According to reports, Dash is set to place a strong focus on movie-making this year.

We’re told Dash will be producing, directing and financing three movies. The music mogul was spotted filming “Mixed Nuts” at Chelsea nightclub The Lenora last week, where he was heard immodestly calling himself the “next Woody Allen” (we assume he just means in the filmmaking sense). (Page Six)

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Reports also claim Dash will share screen time in an upcoming flick called Mixed Nuts.

We’re told the project spotlights comedian Smokey Suarez, whom Dash calls “the new Richard Pryor.” Dash, when he isn’t busy being the “new Woody Allen,” will also ­appear in the film. (Page Six)

Dash mentioned his involvement in making movies on Instagram a few days ago.

Dame recently dished out his interest in working with ex-business partner Jay Z for a 20th anniversary tour.

“Oh sh*t @raquelmhorn just let me know it’s reasonable doubts 18th birthday…so glad we fought to own this 100 percent and it still creates income everyday… Its funny… Me and jay still own this together we might have to do a reasonable tour…maybe for the 20th anniversary…that way we could all make some money… I don’t see why he wouldn’t…might have to holla #freebiggs,” Dame captioned to a cover of Reasonable Doubt June 25. (Dame Dash’s Instagram)