Former Roc-A-Fella Records co-owner Damon “Dame” Dash isn’t looking for a truce. The hip-hop mogul has continued to draw a line in the sand between himself and sudden rap rival Funk Flex.

This past weekend, Dame flooded his Instagram feed with Flex disses.

Last week, Dash suggested Flex’s radio station Hot 97 would eventually fire him.

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@hip_hop_motivator just sent me this from my free #poppingtonuniversity class I do every weds where I teach people what I’ve learned as I’m learning so they won’t make the same mistakes… I don’t get paid and I give info @funkflex you get paid and your embarrass your culture and talk about others peoples biz… go figure. #liarcohen don’t think the focus is off you actually it’s on you… your up next bro… @youtubemusic get ready to make money of #ceo beef…pause… instead of my cultures disfunction those days are over and don’t hire him when @hot97 fires him he’s over @funkflex your a coward…have a public convo with me since you have so much to say like a man … any body that knows @funkflex ask him why he will not give me a fair one.. intellectually of course… he’s scared…nothing worst then a scared #perpermentpattychattypatty #staytuned @culturevultures_book available now stop thinking on slave..think in boss

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Over the past few weeks, Dame and Flex have ripped each other apart with a slew of digital jabs.

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I don’t judge people on the color of their skin… I judge people on the level of their Passion/Work Ethic…. it’s not always about Black/White… sometimes it’s about Right/Wrong! My parents taught me early in life that the color of my skin will never matter if my work ethic is top notch! Anyone telling u any different Is a LIAR! Veteran OGs sometimes take advantage of the lack of knowledge a person has and then decide to feed u LIES because of the unhappiness they have within… (Fam get therapy) IM NOT TOLERATING THE LIES MOVING FORWARD! Ps. On OG POST COMMENTS WILL REMAIN OFF… NO ONE IN THESE COMMENTS HAVE SEEN WHAT IVE SEEN! SO IM NOT LOOKING FOR “LIKES” or to “WIN YOU OVER! THIS SUBJECT ISNT UP FOR DEBATE! EVERYBODY DID THEIR TALKING… TIME FOR ME TO TALK NOW! #DameDashIsALiar via: @tashara_jones x @hiphopmike

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