Rap mogul Damon “Dame” Dash has stepped forward to speak up on recent rumors about him showing the knuckle game to fallen Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein. The former Roc-A-Fella Records co-owner addressed gossip about smacking Harvey during the production of his 2002 Paid In Full movie.

While careful with his words, Dame said an altercation did go down between himself and the Miramax Films co-founder.

“I can just say, somebody definitely got smacked on the set of Paid in Full but you know, I never really liked the way Harvey treated my culture, I didn’t like the way he talked to people, I didn’t like the way he was treating my film. I’ve owned clubs with him and a lot of the things that have been alleged, everybody knew what was going on and I always chose not to work with him and I always wanted to punish him publicly so people could know he’s weak. For some reason, people thought he was strong. I felt like he was disrespecting the culture of black people, good people, of women and I could of made more movies with him but I decided not to even though it was unpopular and people from my own culture like Just Blaze or Wood Harris would publicly say that I approached it wrong but at the end of the day I’m always going to stand by my morals. If I feel like someone’s hurting people then I’m going to make sure to let other people know to watch out for them and I’m not going to work with them. The answer to the question is yes, somebody did get smacked on that set. And I also had to go through – I got sued over it, but I won. Harvey was someone that was trying not to put out my movie, and I had to really get aggressive with him to make sure that he did right by it, and had I not fought for the movie, you would’ve never seen it.” (TMZ)

A few weeks ago, Dipset’s Cam’ron claimed Dash smacked Harvey on the newly released “Once Upon a Time” single.

Back in October, Dame Dash talked about his feelings toward Weinstein amid headline-generating sexual assault accusations.

“He and I had a lot of aggressive interaction. And I know even culturally, like, my people would say things, like, I would see interviews with Wood Harris and with Just Blaze and all that, and they’d be like, ‘Oh he yelled at Harvey Weinstein. He yelled at the Weinsteins.’ But the bottom line is, like, when I look at somebody treat other people wrong, I can’t just look the other way. And any opportunity I get, I know I’m strong, but I’m always gonna make them suffer for the people that aren’t strong enough.” (Hip Hop Motivation)