Music mogul Damon “Dame” Dash has come forward to answer Funkmaster Flex‘s epic rant last night (June 5) and clear up accusations made by the popular radio personality. #DameDefense

Dash denied Flex’s claim of relying on his fellow industry rivals like former Def Jam executive Lyor Cohen during his Roc-A-Fella Records days.

“No, I didn’t use any of Lyor’s money. I used Universal’s money. I sold it. We were partners. I sold it. We made equity and sold half. The reason why we sold them half was so they could fund it. We were partners, 50/50. … A person who has a job and gets told what to do everyday doesn’t even understand that. A person shouldn’t be talking on another man’s business regardless. You understand what I’m saying? You never supposed to talk about another dude’s pockets. That’s the sure sign of a non-man. What is that?” (“The Combat Jack Show”)

Dame also cleared up where his issue with ex-Def Jam executive Joie Manda stemmed from.

“Why is Joie not speaking up?,” Dame added. “With the Max B and Jim Jones situation. I’m not going to say any names but all I know is Joie told someone he could get Max B out of his deal and there would be money for him and then he proceeds to give this guy my number. This guy has been asking other people for my number and I’ve been sending the message, ‘I ain’t got nothing to do with that. I don’t want you to have my number.’ So Joie gives him my number and of course this is an aggressive guy and he started talking to me aggressively and it could have snowballed into something crazy and it almost did – he put a battery in someone’s back for us to go and fight so that he could make money off the winner and I’m sick of them doing that. And that is where my problem came from him. Black on black fighting is so old. We look stupid fighting each other.” (“The Combat Jack Show”)

Flex blasted Dame for taking aim at notable music veterans including Joie Manda last night (June 5).

“If you’re only four years in the game, or you’ve only been on your website about three years, sometimes you believe foolishness like this. People trying to pit people against each other because of their color. That’s what’s happening here. Yeah he happens to be my friend but now he’s pitting people against each other for their color. … Remember when the culture vulture cut you that check?” (Hot 97)

Rather than end things on a positive note, Flex used his radio show to fire a few more direct shots at Dame.

“You had your opinion, everybody let you have your opinion; I got mine. Don’t be mad because I’m on a bigger platform. Don’t be mad because I’m still current and you’re not. Don’t be mad at me. Don’t be mad because I took up for my friend because you were trying to box him in — You didn’t adapt to the game. The game changed and you’re mad at everyone else. Be mad at yourself.” (Hot 97)


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