Music executive Dame Dash wants to hear Kanye West flame some fire instrumentals. The hip-hop mogul has reached out to Ye with a sneak peek at new beats he has in the stash.

Yeezy went to Instagram Thursday (October 4) with footage of Dame telling him to come through strong on his production.

“I’ma send you this beat. Don’t talk that sh*t talking about you ready to rap and have me come cook some sh*t up and get in the lab and make sh*t. F*ck all that other dumb sh*t, n*gga, I’m in the studio n*gga. Making a motherf*cking record – and I got more. So just let me know. They’re gonna have to respect my creativity in this motherf*cker and don’t come with no wack rhymes either, n*gga. You better torch some sh*t if I’m motherf*cking moving something up.”

Damon also said Ye should use the beat to get him super motivated.

“I’m only telling you this to get you hyped over this sh*t. I’ma e-mail this sh*t to you n*gga. Let this sh*t get your mind right. N*gga let’s make some music. F*ck all that. Let’s be real creative. F*ck that sh*t. N*gga play this sh*t while you listening to it motherf*cker. Get hyped and sh*t. Don’t play n*gga. Don’t have me in here for no reason.”

A few days ago, Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian announced his Yandhi album would come out in November.