Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West recently talked about his longevity in the music industry and how much he respects former Roc-A-Fella Records owner Damon “Dame” Dash.

Speaking to “The Breakfast Club” this week, Kanye dished on siding with longtime pal Jay Z instead of Dame during the Roc split in the mid-2000’s.

“He presented me to the world,” Ye said referring to Dash. “I wouldn’t have a record deal if it wasn’t for Dame Dash. I wasn’t [loyal to him] and this was an extremely visionary move on my part to roll with Jay Z. I’ve mentioned Dame a lot in raps but the story’s not done. It’s been moments where I was wildin’ out and Jay would be like, ‘Okay, Ye, you got to sit these couple plays out’ and it was the moment when Roc-A-Fella [Records] split. It made more sense, career-wise, to roll with Jay even though Dame had supported me. Then I wonder, where would we be if I had rolled with Dame? Would I have been more successful, less successful? I can’t say.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

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Kanye also talked about what business plans he and Dame have on deck.

“But at that time – I came to Roc-A-Fella because Jay Z was my idol. It would have been very hard for me at that young stage, where I was, to separate from my idol. That’s the decision I made – we’re going to work on films. I really like the films he’s doing. He had all types of ideas in there. Dame is like the original person who understood culture and [knew] where every situation would go. [Beanie Sigel] would have a problem, he’d go pick him up. … You definitely gotta say Dame is a real n*gga. When he came over to the crib and I just saw him, I missed him. I missed the good, I missed the bad. I missed all of that because all of that is what created College Dropout. That tension – we’re creating something new in the fashion world and the movie world.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Dame hinted at significant business moves being made with Kanye on his Instagram page earlier this month.

A few weeks ago, Dame discussed having admiration for Kanye despite their gap in communication.

“Kanye always does give me a shout out. I gotta respect that. He always does so I can’t be mad. And he did just then and I thought that was brave of him to do that too. The issues I had with him I spoke about it as a man, we spoke, that’s between us. Whatever it is it is. I’m happy that I was a part of making history like I knew I would.” (Hip Hop Motivation)