Texas man Mark Hughes has come forward to speak out on Dallas police releasing a picture of himself as one of the snipers responsible for killing five cops last night (July 7).

Hughes, visibly upset, explained the near-deadly situation law enforcement put him in by falsely accusing him of being a vigilante.

Social media exploded last night (July 7) with Hughes’ image as one of the Dallas shooters.

Hughes immediately went to law enforcement after learning about his identity going viral.

A man pictured with what appeared to be an assault rifle at the scene of the killing of five police officers in Dallas has been released from custody and says he was an innocent bystander who was wrongly accused. Mark Hughes was pictured walking through Dallas with what appeared to be an assault rifle. He turned himself into police after cops made a public appeal and his family said he was an innocent bystander. He has since been released by police. (Daily Mail)

Social media ultimately helped exonerate Hughes from police prosecution.