North Carolina rapper DaBaby stays blessing up. In a heartwarming encounter with a young rapper at a Charlotte gas station, Baby reps for his home city by buying a mixtape from a young man and showing love on social media.

Baby’s City

After being offered a mixtape for free, Baby paid the rookie musician, who goes by the name of City Boy The Rapper, $10 and tagged him in his Instagram Story.

In his home state of North Carolina, DaBaby bought a young rapper’s mixtape

Kitchen Flexing

DaBaby is giving out pure motivation. Last week, the hip-hop star unloaded a batch of new modeling pics and encouraged people to beat the odds in their pursuit to success. He went to his Instagram page with a slideshow of new pictures. The shots feature him flexing BAPE fashion drip from his kitchen and kicking out serious game.

“Beat the odds, do numbers & remain humble.” -DaBaby’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

In a recent interview, DaBaby reflected on his success and how he’s put himself as a top-tier rap entertainer. DB also explained why his music is doing better than his competition.

“I definitely would say I did find a balance. A lot of people put out an album maybe once every two years. I don’t know another artist that has put out the volume of music I’ve been putting out and have been successful at it. I haven’t been putting out music that’s flopping. I haven’t put out anything that ain’t been platinum. You see what I’m saying? I’m going to the Grammys and sh*t like that. It’s really going on. I gotta take part in those types of strategies to make my music in high demand.” -DaBaby’s Instagram

Before You Go

Earlier in April 2020, the hip-hop champion reacted to some big stats. DaBaby’s success elevated recently as he celebrated his newly released Blame It On Baby album debuting atop the music charts.

“This what my trolls do to my music when they put in hard work doin all that hatin and my sh*t STILL top the charts😂😂😂 Relax bro, I love y’all too…. no cap. 🖤” -DaBaby’s Instagram