North Carolina rapper DaBaby can’t catch a break these days. The hip-hop star’s baby mother has reportedly come forward with much more than a few receipts.

Big Facts: This week, Baby’s boo MeME has stepped forward on social media to expose a bunch of direct messages and claim he has another kid on the way.

High-Key Details: DaBaby and MeMe have a daughter together and also share a son.

Rapper DaBaby might be getting ready to be DaDaddy once again. In November 2019, the Charlotte native and his sometimes-girlfriend, MeMe, were rumored to be adding another child to their family. They already have one child together, a two-year-old daughter, as well as a son, who’s 6, from MeMe’s previous relationship. (Your Tango)

Wait, There’s More: In October 2019, Baby shared a glimpse into his daddy duties.

Before You Go: Recently, MeMe talked about their relationship and said despite being together they were both single.

“We became officially together when I got pregnant…he’s actually an amazing father…we single- but that’s my boo, though. Regardless.” (Kiss Talk)