North Carolina rapper DaBaby isn’t getting caught up in any wild celebrity dating drama during the nationwide quarantine. The hip-hop star has come forward to put a swift end to recent speculation suggesting he’s dating online personality B. Simone.

Big Facts

Baby went to Instagram Tuesday and made the dating rumors quickly fade to black. DB shared a new promotional trailer revealing Simone is co-starring in his new “Find My Way” music video.

“BOOM 😳 “FIND MY WAY” (Official Video) / Short Film 📺 TOMORROW❗️ Starring Baby & @thebsimone 🔥 Directed By: @reelgoats 🎬 Stupid a** n*gga lol, #MarketingGOAT 🤓 #BABY”

High-Key Details

Simone initially tried to break the Internet with some steamy boo’d up-looking pics. One of the photos showed DaBaby grabbing her booty.

“❤️ 🔐”

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❤️ 🔐

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Wait, There’s More

Over the past few months, Simone has gushed over her love for the rap star. B has relied on her Instagram page to share her feelings for the North Carolina native.

“MODD AF 😤 Imma big dawg you a pup to me 🤷🏽‍♀️ 👏🏽👏🏽No one will out hustle or out work me that’s a fact not an opinion …. I HAVE 27 DAYS …”

“That ain’t tha ….man y’all already know WTF going on ❤️ Jesus i ask you for patience. I ask you to lead him home and stop letting him entertain these girls 😢 He probably fake laughing at some lame hoe jokes… don’t worry king… A real clown is on the way ! TF! He prolly wasting his time with a girl that don’t even like kids while I’m over here ready to be a step momma . I been practicing and everything “ahht ahhht sit down ! Imma tell yo daddy when he get home “ see i got this 💪🏽 I’m ready bae! ughhhh when i meet him should i be like “hey Zaddy” or “hey king” orrrrr should i say “babyyy boooyyy cmere” 🤔”

Before You Go

In mid-March 2020, Baby teamed up with pop singer DaniLeigh. The high-profile pair flex their inner Bonnie and Clyde in a must-see “Levi High” music video.