Rapper Da Brat has come forward to address media gossip and rumors claiming she is romantically linked to hip-hop newcomer Kreayshawn.

Hitting up Twitter, Brat downplayed her name appearing in the dating rumor mill.

“Yooo! I jus got word dat I’m spose to be an item w Kreayshawn???? We haven’t even talked or had a convo yet?? Dat jus mean we both da sh*t!!,” she tweeted August 17th. (Da Brat’s Twitter)

Rumors linking Kreayshawn and Da Brat landed online a few days ago.

Oakland rapper Kreayshawn is music’s next big thing, and with that fame comes tabloid rumors. According to MediaTakeOut, the “Gucci Gucci” singer is involved in a lesbian tryst with old school rapper, Da Brat. MTO’s insider claims, “Da Brat reached out to Kreayshawn last month via Twitter. The two have been texting and SKYPEING each other ever since and Da Brat has FALLEN for Kreyshawn. [Da Brat] is already in love, I know it. She and [Kreayshawn] are going to spend the weekend together – in Chicago.” (RumorFix)

Earlier this month, Kreay denied rumors claming she hooked up with Young Money’s Drake.

“No, that’s not my boo thing,” Kreay laughingly said in an interview. “We’re cute. Like I said, me and him, we’re both cute. We could be cute. But, I’m not trying to snatch Rihanna’s [boo] or nothing like that. You know, I don’t know if the rumors is true, I’m a busy woman anyway…People are already tweeting the ‘Drake and Kreayshawn, uh-oh, Rihanna’s with him.’ I’m like, people can’t be friends? Whatever. He cute. I’m cute. I just feel like me and him relate a lot just from coming up quick…” (“Mina SayWhat”)

Last year, Da Brat was freed from behind bars on a work release program.

Female rapper and celeb reality TV star Da Brat, who is nearing the end of a three year prison sentence for smashing a bottle across a woman’s face back in October 2007, has been released from prison on awork release program. The 2007 incident started when Da Brat, whose real name is Shawntae Harris got into an argument with a waitress in an Atlanta-area club owned by record producer mogul Jermaine Dupri. A shouting match between Da Brat and the waitress escalated into shoving and witnesses testified that the rapper then picked up a rum bottle and hit the worker across the face with it, leaving the woman with permanent facial scars. (News One)

Check out some past Da Brat footage below: