[With his new A History of Violence album finally available, D12’s Kuniva decodes the LP’s cover art for SOHH readers.]

As far as the title goes, I’m from Detroit and there’s always so much violence that goes on here. It’s been the murder capitol for a number of years. It’s something we’re almost proud of and it’s a shame it’s something we go through here.

It goes on across the world but I’m sticking to Detroit and I’m pointing out the violence. I’ve grown and adapted to it. I’ve had to maneuver around the parameters of it.

There’s mob organizations here, gangs that originated here, there’s plenty of drug wars that started right here in Detroit. Even “New Jack City” was based on a drug cartel from Detroit. It just brought everything full circle and it’s just a history of violence. That’s how I came up with the idea.

As far as the artwork, it’s something different and I wanted to do something fun. I wanted to definitely catch the eye of the consumer and people in general.

I just wanted something valid and something that reflects two different sides. You see the artwork and then you see the teacher. You can tell that the teacher has been through it. He looks tired and like he’s been through it but at the same time he’s trying to get people to see the message. He’s trying to get it into their head. I just wanted to bring that to the forefront to what I’m doing.

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