With the recent release of his new album Friday Night At St. Andrew’s, SOHH reached out to D12‘s Bizarre to find out why he has begun taking a more serious approach to music.

Speaking on his three-year gap between Blue Cheese Coney Island to his new album, Biz said he spent the past 36 months dealing with personal matters.

“I was basically regrouping and dealing with life, I got a daughter and she just turned four and I spent some time with her, making sure the family was tight and dealing with the passing of Proof,” Biz told SOHH about taking a three-year gap between albums. “I was just handling a lot of personal family issues and that’s what the delay was. It doesn’t even seem like it was three years, but I guess times flies.” (SOHH)

The visibly comedic D12 member also talked about finding maturity in his latest album and wanting to have more credibility to his name.

“I’m mature but I’m an artist and I’m always going to be Bizarre,” Biz added. “I’m just changing as a person, you know, I just want to give people a different view and look. If you study music and study a lot of great artists, which is what I’m trying to be, I just want to be one of those cats that does what they wanna do. Like if it’s Prince or a cat like that, some of them songs might make you wanna party and get up and others might have a serious joint that touches your soul. I just want to let music guide me to where it is. I noticed that a lot of my music is on the funny side and humorous, so I just didn’t want to be that guy where, unfortunately, people put you in categories and I didn’t want to look back at the end of my career and be the Weird Al Yankovic of rap.” (SOHH)

Biz released his new album, Friday Night At St. Andrew’s, last May.

Bizarre is certainly an MC who enjoys living up to his name. As such, the D12 member spits a mix of horrorcore/shock raps whenever he hits the booth. And, like any act with a narrow focus, Bizarre’s music has a tendency to grow stale after repeated listens. But that hasn’t stopped the Detroit native from weaving his disturbing tales for a third time on Friday Night At St. Andrews. This LP is the wacky rapper’s third studio album and his first since 2007’s average Blue Cheese & Coney Island. Like that record, Friday Night… features other absurdist MCsTech N9ne Redman and members of the D12 crew. (Prefix Mag)

Last month, the rapper talked about his album title’s motivation.

“It’s a … historic place in Detroit,” he explained of his album’s title. “[St. Andrews], it was a church that they turned into a club and had hip-hop on Friday night. Being that Detroit is such a gangsta city, this was the only outlet we really had for hip-hop, breakdancing and battling. Basically, I’m paying homage.” (MTV)

Check out Bizarre’s “Believer” music video below: