New Orleans rapper Curren$y recently got a little animated and revealed what superhero he could most see himself emulating if given the opportunity.

While Superman and Spiderman are typical favorites, Curren$y viewed himself as Batman.

“Batman,” Curren$y said when asked what superhero he would like to become. “Batman is cool. He’s got the secluded crib and an awesome whip. He’s always got cool chicks hanging around. He’s got the butler. And he didn’t have any outrageous super powers. He couldn’t see through nothing, he couldn’t fly. He was just a regular guy and that’s me. You know, just chilling. It’s just what it is. I’m just sitting here and if something’s happening, your purse gets snatched, OK, let’s f*cking get the purse back. That’s Batman’s style.” (iHipHop)

Chicago’s Yung Berg revealed his admiration for Caped Crusader after getting his Batman chain taken from him last fall.

“This Batman chain is not important to me. I got chains…The biggest issue for me was that I gave away to charity, to a kid that loves Batman,” – Berg (Hip Hop DX)

Last year, Snoop Dogg took on the role of a fictional superhero in his Malice N Wonderland film.

He’s happy with what he has done so far with his acting career, but hopes to pursue more roles that are out of character for him. “My star power is as big as any actor in Hollywood,” Snoop exclaimed, though he has run into issues with producers not being able to separate the public image from the character in the script. His hope is that more people in Hollywood will take a chance on him, and let him prove he has true talent. But in the mean time, he’s making his own movies. His latest film project is a companion piece to Malice N Wonderland: “I play a superhero named Malice, trying to bring happiness to Wonderland.” The film was made because, as Snoop proclaimed, “the video game is f*cked up,” with MTV barely playing music videos anymore, and BET quickly headed in the same direction. It was time to do something different that the fans could see and enjoy. (Prefix Mag)

Outside of superheroes, Curren$y recently told SOHH what three celebrities he would love to kick back and smoke with.

“I would want to f*cking smoke with Cheech Marin,” Curren$y told SOHH. “I would want to smoke with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. I don’t know if he really smokes but it would be tight. I bet he has the best stories about the NBA. The last person I’d pick is [stand-up comedienne] Sandra Bernhard. She’s like Andrew Dice Clay. I don’t know where she is right now but I remember once she was doing an HBO special and took her shirt off and that was pretty tight.” (SOHH)

Check out Curren$y’s interview below: