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Curren$y Says No Dame Dash Talks Taking Place, “His Lawyers Hear From My Lawyers”

Written By S. Samuel

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New Orleans rapper Curren$y is showing there are no plans to reunite with former business partner Damon “Dame” Dash in the near future, admitting they are not back on speaking terms in light of a current pending lawsuit.

While brief on the Dash topic, Spitta said things turned sour over business-related matters and never got better.

“No. Not talking to him, but I hear stuff from his lawyers and his lawyers hear from my lawyers,” Curren$y said when asked if he stays in contact with Dash. “[How’d the situation get like this?] Sh*t, nothing ever really happened. Stuff gets sold and I feel like I don’t know what happened on my end. So we’ll see. Yeah, its business man, I got to do my thing. How could I do this and do all of that? I got to do this. Absolutely, that’s all I have to say, that’s all I can do.” (Complex)

Earlier this month, Curren$y briefly spoke on the legal Dash battle.

XXL recently caught up with Curren$y as he kicked off his “Jet Life Tour 2012.” The usually animated MC was very tight lipped however when talking about the case. “I don’t know what we gonna do, but when it’s all said and done, I’ll tell y’all about it,” he said somberly in his tour bus, parked outside the House of Blue before his concert. “Not ever disappointed,” Spitta said on his tour bus in New Orleans. “Any situation I ever been through I look at it as a lesson. Just learning something. It’s not something you should be disappointed from. It should be a opportunity for you to get some game. It’s all good. I’m glad. I’m glad.” The lawsuit still has not been resolved. (XXL Mag)

Before the lawsuit became publicized, Spitta credited Dash amongst other hip-hop executives for schooling him to the rap game.

During an interview with MTV News last week, the New Orleans MC admitted that he has learned a lot working with Dash, as well as other notable CEOs he was once signed to like Master P and Birdman. “You run the list, I’ve picked up game from all of them, man, Master P, Baby. Me and [Lil] Wayne made hours and hours and hours and hours’ worth of music in the studio, Dame,” Curren$y told MTV News on March 21. “I been around some people, made moves and soaked it all up.” Even though the union is now marred in negativity, Curren$y contends that it was a learning experience. “With my last situation, I think I’ve learned more about the business,” he said, referencing Dame’s DD172. “I’ve learned more about the business through that prior situation.” (MTV)

After the legal case made headlines, Dame’s camp issued an open response.

“My client’s initial reaction to the lawsuit was that of surprise, particularly in light of Curren$y’s numerous statements that the ‘Muscle Car Chronicles’ would be released by BluRoc,” states Damon Dash’s attorney, Joshua E. Seidman. “On March 15, 2012, the plaintiffs appeared in Federal Court to argue for a preliminary injunction seeking to enjoin my client from the continued distribution of the ‘Muscle Car Chronicles’. The plaintiffs’ application was denied in open Court by Federal Judge Andrew Carter and the album was permitted to remain available through iTunes and other retailers. While the situation remains ongoing, we are hopeful that an amicable resolution can be reached. My client wishes Curren$y the best in all of his future career endeavors. However, he has expressed a deep concern with respect to the manner in which the artist’s attorney and manager have conducted themselves. He sincerely hopes that Curren$y is not being misled or pressured into making unwise decisions, such as the filing of what appears to be a potentially frivolous litigation.” (Statement)

Check out some recent Curren$y footage below:

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Written by S. Samuel

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