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Curren$y On Wiz Khalifa Admitting His Flaws, “I Got To Call Him About That, That’s Tough”

Written By S. Samuel

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New Orleans rapper Curren$y recently offered his take on Wiz Khalifa coming clean about what mistakes he made with the gold-selling Rolling Papers LP last year and what fans can expect from them in the future.

Reacting to Khalifa recently penning an open letter to fans about his Atlantic Records debut, Spitta admitted he was unaware of the notion.

“Sh*t, that’s pretty true, if he was to say something like that. I guess if you’re not happy recording the stuff… That’s why I don’t do nothing that I don’t wanna do. Because the success would be awesome, if I ever played the game and did the awesome radio song–cause I could do it, but then I’d always have to do it and I’d be bummed out,” Curren$y said. “But that’s big, that’s big the homie would say some sh*t like that man. … We got a ton of sh*t nobody knows about and we’re gonna keep it like that till we get hot enough to put it out. We definitely got some joints though, so it’s all good. … He’s killing it, he’s killing it. But that sh*t about the letter, that’s crazy. I got to call that nigga about that, that’s tough man. That’s tough.” (Complex)

Spitta also went on to say Khalifa’s current stardom allows him to easily admit his perceived faults.

“Yeah my thing was, I didn’t feel no way. I was just like, I know what was going on, just get your money,” he added. “As long as you know what you’re doing man, you know what you’re doing. And look what he did–he got megastar status and he was able to tell his people, “My bad if y’all wasn’t f*cking with that.” And they still with him. It’s all good, I didn’t change my number on him, so it’s all good.” (Complex)

Last February, Wiz unleashed his open letter to fans regarding the LP.

“Moving on to the music, I haven’t been this excited about any of my projects ever. I remember when I made Kush and Orange Juice, I listened to it and knew I had created a new genre that [would] change music.The mistake I made on Rolling Papers was thinking it was time to move on from that genre not knowing that it had impacted people so much. The album did great numbers, but creatively wasn’t my best work. No regrets though. We live and we learn.” [sic] (The Lvls!x)

Despite his own criticism, Wiz’s fiance Amber Rose told SOHH how much she loved Rolling Papers.

“I would have to say Wiz Khalifa, Rolling Papers, is my favorite album. I love it because Wiz is not just a great human being but he’s super, super talented. Wiz’s Rolling Papers is just a mixture of all different types of music on that album. It’s not just straight hip-hop. When you listen to it, you hear that it’s fun, it’s sad, it’s emotional, it’s inspirational. So I just love the fact that there are so many different aspects on that album. I really enjoyed Rolling Papers.” (SOHH)

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Written by S. Samuel

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