With the influx of artists going blonde such as  Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa, SOHH reached out to Curren$y to find out why he frowns upon people changing their looks to reflect the latest hair craze.

In Curren$y’s eyes, only Wiz Khalifa and famed hip-hop producer Kwame can get away with highlights.

“Wiz’s cool because nobody else was wearing blonde streaks in their hair,” Curren$y told SOHH. “I encountered a person yesterday who was [rocking the hairdo] and I was like, ‘Now that’s not right’. I had to point them out. But I didn’t call this guy out, [my] homegirl called him out. He walked up to me and was like, ‘Yo, what’s up?’ and it was heartbreaking because this girl was like, ‘Yo, does he have a f*cking [hairdo] like your friend has?’ And I was like, ‘Ah man, yeah, he does!’ It was crazy. It’s not something you see on the homies, except for maybe Kwame. Kwame can get away if he’s wearing one because he’s the one who made that sh*t up.” (SOHH)

A day prior, Curren$y publicly called out posers jacking the streak look.

“No country for n*ggaz not named wiz khalifa running the blonde streak fro doos… THE LIFE…and good morning,” he tweeted April 10th. (Curren$y’s Twitter)

In addition to the streak, Wiz has now transformed his coif into a frohawk.

Chris Brown dyed his hair blonde (then back to black), Game rocked a red Mohawk, and now Wiz Khalifa is the latest male artist to switch up his hair. The “Black and Yellow” rapper shaped his Afro into a Mohawk, dubbing it a “Frohawk,” revealing the first two images of his fresh look. The Frohawk will make its television debut on tonight’s “Late Show with David Letterman.” (Rap-Up)

In February, Chris Brown made headlines for temporarily dying his hair blonde.

Brown dyed his hair platinum blond over the weekend, debuting the drastic new ‘do on his Twitter page Saturday, Feb. 26. “Look at me now,” the singer wrote alongside a link to a photo, which was viewed close to 70,000 times within an hour of its posting. Although some of Brown’s 1 million-plus followers loved the new look, others were not so forthcoming with their praise. Many blasted the 21-year-old for his hair color, likening him to Amber Rose and Dru Hill lead singer Sisqo. Twitter users even created the trending topic “Crisqo.” (Popeater)

Check out some recent Curren$y footage below: