Vixen Cuban Link has treated her boyfriend 50 Cent‘s Instagram followers a pleasant weekend surprise. The curvy model has flooded his timeline with new pics of herself after taking his phone.

Big Facts

Over the past few hours, Fif’s publicized boo has lit up his account with tons of modeling shots. She also credited herself for jacking the rap star’s mobile device.

“This is the Cuban Link take over he lit, I got his phone. Now what? You gotta hit the gym ma, LOL. He don’t want that. I love this n*gga he not gonna leave boo. lol. You not even his type, why ya a** out bae. This the type a time he on, but keep shaking. LOL It’s Big Cuban you know Cuban Link. Fall back b*tch, it ain’t gonna work.” -Cuban Link on 50 Cent’s IG

High-Key Details

On Saturday, Fif hit up Instagram with a must-see moment. In the clip, he’s heard teasing Link about posing for a pic onboard a private plane.

“She acting funny now, she gotta go back in the house.”

Wait, There’s More

In February, Link hit up Instagram to share a gift Fif sent her way for Valentine’s Day. The pic revealed an iced-out bracelet from the G-Unit boss.

Before You Go

The same week, Link shared a jaw-dropping pic of herself. The borderline NSFW shot featured her wearing steamy Valentine’s Day-inspired underwear.