With summer love in the air, SOHH recently hit up Slaughterhouse’s Crooked I to find out what love advice he has for single group member Joell Ortiz.

With Ortiz’s recent calling for a Mrs. Yaowa in his life, Crooked said he is there for the Slaughterhouse member if looking for a West Coast lady.

“You know I’m on the West Coast with a lot of nice females, some beautiful mamis, so if they ever follow me into the lab, I might be like, ‘Yo.’ [laughs] I’m not mad at the alley-oop. I’ve never been a hater on that level,” Crooked told SOHH. “I’ve always been down with the alley-oops. Ortiz, man, he’s always on the down low like a ladies man. He does his thing. He don’t really need no help but if he’s looking for something out West, I’ll run the resume down and we’ll figure it out from there. He don’t need no help though. [laughs] Now him and Sanaa Lathan, that’s a good look. I know Sanaa, she listens to hip-hop every now and then. If she comes across this article, don’t sleep on Ortiz, Sanaa. Word up. [laughs]” (SOHH)

Last November, Ortiz hinted at his pursuit for true love.

“I just don’t think i met HER yet…,” he tweeted November 14th. (Joell Ortiz’s Twitter)

He later came forward and clarified his mysterious tweet.

“‘Her’ is Mrs. Yaowa. It’s time for me to start celebrating with somebody. I’m tired of coming home to my little apartment. I don’t want to deal with the phone book of shorties [or] the substitute for Mrs. Right. I had just sat down on my couch and thought about that. And I had my computer in front of me, so I put it out there. Some dudes were clowning, like, ‘That’s a lonely tweet!’ But I also had girls hollering, like, ‘Trust me! I’m her.’ No one wants to be alone. I haven’t met ‘her’ yet. ‘Cause I think if I would’ve came across her, I would have focused and locked in.” (VIBE)

Last year, Ortiz penned a love letter record to actress Sanaa Lathan.

“I’ve been feeling like this for a while, I ain’t even gonna front,” he says on the intro. “This is my baby girl right here. If you only knew….You may not know this, but baby you’re my Brown Sugar, play me one-on-one, my hands gonna put a foul to you/I’ll let you score every basket ’til it’s all over/Love & Basketball made you more of an orange soda/You my Crush, sweeter than maple syrup, I got a chance to meet your dad while I was playing Europe…” (“Letter to Sanaa”)

Check out Joell Ortiz’s “Letter To Sanaa Lathan” below: