Rapper Crooked I has refuted recent rumors claiming he was fatally shot over the weekend but admits there was an incident he wishes to leave behind.

The Long Beach, California-bred emcee spoke with hip-hop personality DJ Vlad about what transpired over the weekend.

“Mentally, I’m kinda in a f*cked up place right now but physically I’m good,” Crooked said. “I just wanna let people know I’m good, man…Some crazy sh*t just went on man and I was at the wrong place at the wrong time type of sh*t, you know what I’m saying. Right now, I’m just trying to get to the bottom of it, man…When sh*t like that happens, it’s better to just leave it where it happened…I don’t want to give nobody fame from bringing negativity towards me…God is good and these haters are gonna find that out.” (Vlad TV)

Fellow West Coast rappers like Glasses Malone shared their thoughts on the alleged shooting.

Something happened…which they ain’t explaining, but Crooked is ok,” Glasses wrote in Twitter unmodified. “He is at his home in fine condition…Once again, I’m not saying Crooked did or didn’t get shot, n*ggas don’t kno. I’m just saying he isn’t dead nor is he dying.” (Glasses Malone’s Twitter)

Various reports said Crooked I was shot but there was initially no word on how serious his condition was.

Rapper Crooked I has been the victim of a shooting, according to several sources. Sources were convinced that an incident occurred but were largely uninformed about the nature of Crooked I’s injuries. “He’s hurt, but OK,” a source told AllHipHop without expounding. The rumors and speculation surrounding Crooked I has his friends and family extremely concerned. His Myspace page was inundated with comments. (All Hip Hop)

Crooked I, at one time, was signed to Death Row Records.

Departed from Death Row by early 2004, Crooked went independent, launching his Dynasty Entertainment label, but legal obstacles prevented him from releasing yet another title of his own. Mixtapes, DVDs, and features continued to pile up, with B.O.S.S. (Beginning of Something Serious) — at long last, his first official album — prepared for a 2008 release date. (All Music)

Listen to Crooked I assure fans of his condition below: