Slaughterhouse’s Crooked I recently revealed his admiration for Dr. Dre and said he is hopeful that the Doc can schedule some studio time for his crew.

Discussing the upcoming Slaughterhouse sophomore album, Crooked said Dre is at the top of his wish list.

“I know the scheduling and timing and all that blahda ladda, but man, Slaughterhouse need to be in there with [Dr.] Dre,” Crooked said in an interview. “If they was to ask me what my wish list was, or who I wanna get on this f*ckin’ album, it’s gonna be Dr. Dre — I ain’t go through h*ll and a hand-basket to get to where I’m at to not f*ck with the good doctor. [Laughs] Sh*t. I’m in the f*ckin’ building; I’m in Interscope. Dre, where you at, baby? We need them godd*mn tracks. [Laughs]” (Hip Hop DX)

Last May, Slaughterhouse’s Royce Da 5’9 gave a small update on the long-awaited second LP.

“Yeah, we’re working on it slowly but surely, slowly and surely,” he said of the Slaughterhouse. “They’re coming here [to Detroit] for seven days starting on the 12th of May. We did the last album in six days, so sky’s the limit on how much we gonna get recorded while they’re here.” Royce also revealed that he and the crew already have a number of tracks recorded. “We’re about seven or eight songs in. Just cutting randoms, just to see where we are at.” (MTV)

In March, Royce hinted at Eminem’s possible involvement on the LP.

“I think he’ll be the executive producer [of our Shady Records debut]. He’s very good at taking a record to a whole different level after we do what we do with it. He’s good at choosing beats, maybe a verse here, a hook there — anywhere he can help, he’s willing to do it. And he doesn’t want us to do a lot of e-mailing (of tracks). We’ve had a lot of problems with hacks and leaks. So he wants us to be in one central location for the recording.” (Detroit Free Press)

Prior to inking a deal with Shady Records, Slaughterhouse’s Joe Budden said their sophomore project would likely hit stores in late 2011.

“We are just about [signed to Shady Records]. It’s so premature. It’s four artists and a deal like that is just extremely complicated when you have four individual entities but the great thing about it is Em is just so passionate about hip-hop,” Budden told DJ Envy in an October 2010 interview. “Everything that this group was formed around, he is in 200 percent support of so shout-out to him as well. Late 2011 [our Shady Records debut will drop], I’ll go on the record and say that.” (Power 105.1)

Check out some recent Crooked I footage below: