(Above picture is New Jersey-based emcee King RA rocking the Established sweatshirt and beanie set, part of Cream Scheme’s Spring 2015 collection)

[With the fashion industry proving to be a competitive field for anyone to join, overnight clothing company Cream Scheme’s head Jah Focus tells SOHH why his brand is more than fly gear.]

We’re based out of here in New Jersey. We were founded in Jersey City, New Jersey, operating in North and Central Jersey mostly and we’re servicing customers throughout the region and throughout the world.

The brand is about sharing our philosophy with the world and fashion is the perfect way to do that. Instead of seeing the same, same old-same-old in the street, people can hop on in trends.

We’re trying to break into that space that lacks deeper thought so we’re trying to bring in an element of critical thinking with some fresh designs.

Collaborations and partnerships is something we might be interested in and at the same time, we want to work with someone that shares the same philosophy we want to get out to people.

We do take pride in being independent and it’s something we seek to preserve and encourage other people to do as well.

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